DINI Disability Is Not Inability

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Helping increase visibility and awareness for those with disabilities

Lisa Cesal

National Spokesperson

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The mission of the D.I.N.I. Foundation (“Disability Is Not Inability”) is to entertain, educate, and motivate, with the primary goal of increasing awareness of real life as a disabled person.

Borrowing elements from the entertainment industry and education sector, the DINI Foundation integrates cutting-edge, innovative promotions and marketing elements to spread its message eg. Social media, photos, film, music, podcasts, live performances, apps, and related media.



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Your generous donation will help to support the various programs run by the foundation and its partners, which are working to improve the lives of millions of disabled around the world. It also represents an important source of encouragement for everyone working on the ground. All private donations made to the DINI Foundation go straight to its operations and those of its partners on the ground.